Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've been Shot!

So today I suffered through my first round of vaccinations and yet another visit to the pediatrician's office. I got to meet Jenny, the PA at the office, who was very nice. It turns out I am growing just fine and mommy needs to cool it with her anxiety that something is wrong. I weighed in at a nice 12 lbs., 5 oz.--that is a whole four pounds that I've gained since birth! It is on track with what I gained in-utero those last few weeks of half a pound a week. I am 22 and a quarter inches long--sort of short, I suppose, but still cute. My head is a whopping 16 1/8"! I always thought the adults around me had big heads--I guess I've got one too.

So on to the shots--not fun! Two in one leg, one in the other and some sweet stuff in my mouth. Daddy was nice enough to help me out and keep my hands out of the way of that needle. Mommy just hid behind him--she hates to hear me cry. Afterwards, I fell asleep and stayed that way while we went shopping at Whole Foods for probiotics for me. The thrush in my mouth won't go away and mommy wants to try a natural/holistic treatment before putting me on medication that will affect my liver. I've got two months to go before I have to get more shots. Yuck!

So last night I slept briefly in my co-sleeper. I really prefer to be with mommy at night. The doctor/PA said I still have an immature nervous system, which is probably why I am so jumpy, especially when sleeping alone. I took offense to the immature crack, but Jenny was nice, so I'll let it go.

Because of my shots, I am very sleepy and just a bit cranky. Sleeping in my sling helps.

Last Sunday my daddy spent the day "playing" with the leaves in our yard. He doesn't like how many leaves there are, but I think it's cool. The 'rents wouldn't let me out of my infant seat to roll in the leaves, so I had to put up with just observing all of the cool piles of leaves. Mommy keeps promising that someday I'll get to help rake the leaves too.

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