Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just chillin'

Mom decided to photograph me while taking a bath. As you can see, I was less than thrilled with having a photo session while indisposed. Thankfully she is not posting a completely humiliating photo of my "jewels" hanging out. I really do like the bath. The warm water is fun and it is nice getting my head/hair washed with that lavender stuff she uses. Mom usually spends the rest of the day smelling my head and telling me that I smell good. It's the little things that count. I'll have to remember this when I'm a teen and dating--note to self, girls like it when boys smell good.

Here in a more comfortable moment I am posing for a photo in my brown bear outfit. You can't see my feet, but they have little bears on them too. When I'm 14 this will so not be cool.

I've kept mommy busy lately by throwing appropriately surprising fits here and there, just when she is getting into doing something productive. Today, it took her all day to bake a batch of cookies because I would not let her get through more than one sheet of cookies baked at a time. Eventually she got all the cookies baked--they smelled good--gingersnaps. She promised that when I am old enough to chew, I can have one and even help make them someday.

This week I've decided that it is ok to sleep alone for half of the night. After about two hours in my co-sleeper bassinet I've had enought, though, and need to be cuddled. Mommy seems ok with that, although waking up every few hours really makes her grumpy.

My 'rents moved my pack n' play this week and replaced it with a green sparkly thing. They keep telling me that some dude named Santa is coming, but I don't really get it. We keep getting lots of cards from people too. Some have photos--they are fun to look at, especially if there are babies in the photos.

Mommy found a cool new website--her friend sent her a link to it. It has all kinds of neat toys from Europe. Mommy doesn't like toys that require batteries because she thinks they do not help with imaginative play. Apparently she thinks I will enjoy wooden toys forever. Thankfully I have daddy to hook me up with video game systems.

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