Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy New Year to me

My first new year's eve was rather exciting. Mommy and daddy went to bed sort of early--not much partiers, ya know. I refused to sleep in the co-sleeper, so I slept on mommy. At some point during the night, I decided to relocate my little body to be next to daddy's back and snuggle with him. Of course he didn't know it. Lucky for me that he didn't roll over on me! When mommy woke up and realized that I wasn't where she left me she screamed. I didn't hear her, but she managed to find me and scoop me up. That was the last night for me in their bed or their room. Since January first, I've slept in my own new crib. I fought mommy about it for a while, but now I'm doing fine. I can even sleep up to seven or eight hours at a time! Mommy and daddy are both very happy about it and mommy is actually less cranky now. I still don't love being put down at night, but it isn't too bad. Now napping is a different story...

Here I am enjoying my crib entertainment system.

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