Thursday, March 20, 2008

My first Spring!

Today is the first day of spring, according to my mommy and the guy on the news. We went to the flower market to buy some smelly flowers that mommy said were called hyacinths. She planted one outside in a box and brought the others inside for something called Easter.

I keep hearing about this thing called Easter and the bunny. Mommy even took me to the mall to meet the bunny. He/she/it was very nice and fuzzy. Here is my photo with the bunny.

I am wearing one of the sweaters mommy knit for me. It is starting to be too small, so she better start knitting me a few new ones!

I have been growing very fast and keeping mommy busy every day. That is why we haven't had time to post as frequently as we would have liked. Right now I am enjoying my new jumperoo that mommy and daddy picked up for me over the weekend past. It makes neat sounds and lights up.

Above is a photo of me from when it snowed last month. We had a mild winter, so it was my only opportunity to try to make a snow angel. My snowsuit did not allow me to move my arms, though, so I made a snow blob instead. It was really cold! I'm glad it is nicer out now so that we can play outside more!

Oh well, that is all that is exciting for now! TTFN!

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